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2.26.20 New publication on microfluidic 3D cell migration Our newest paper is now available in Advanced Biosystems. The work, by lead author (and recent graduate from the lab) Dr. Shiny Rajan and in collaboration with the Skardal lab at Ohio State, reports on a new assay for quantitative assessment of migration/invasion in 3D cell constructs within a microfluidic device. Congratulations to the authors!

2.21.20 New collaborative paper out in Acta Biomaterialia A new collaborative publication between our lab, the Skardal lab at Ohio State, and the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) is out today with lead author Dr. Shiny Rajan. It describes drug studies conducted with multi-organ 3D cell constructs formed in a microfluidic architecture and kept under common circulation long-term and demonstrates drug metabolism and reciprocal toxicity on a chip. Congrats, Shiny!

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