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04.08.24 Author corrections We identified a small clerical error in our 2016 paper entitled "Quantifying mammalian genomic DNA hydroxymethylcytosine content using solid-state nanopores" in which a variable was misplaced in an expression. Results were unaffected, and the correction was just published. Unfortunately, our 2021 paper "Solid-state nanopore analysis of human genomic DNA shows unaltered global 5-hydroxymethylcytosine content associated with early-stage breast cancer" used the expression with the error and this time results were affected, although the conclusions were not. That correction has also just been published. We regret any difficulties this has caused!

03.07.24 New paper out now in ACS Sensors Our latest paper was published online today in ACS Sensors, describing improvements to the selective solid-state nanopore assay realized by implementing a polyhistidine-tagged monovalent streptavidin (hMS) protein. A major innovation here was the hMS reagent itself, which is expressed in high purity and yield. Congrats to co-lead authors Sara, Ian, and Komal and cheers to our collaborators in biochemistry without whom the expression would not have been possible!

02.12.24 Dorothea wins ISHAS Research Grant Congratulations to Dorothea who has been awarded a Research Grant through the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences! The funds will be used to support the incorporation of additional quantitative inflammation-tagged (heavy-chain) HA in our ongoing study of HA in disease models. This work will be a new collaboration with Aaron Petrey (Utah) and a continuation of work with Tony Day (U Manchester) and Paul DeAngelis (Oklahoma Health Sciences)

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01.12.24 Latest paper published in Analytical Chemistry Our newest work on nanopore analysis of heavy-chain modified hyaluronan in physiological biofluids is now published in Analytical Chemistry. This paper is by lead author Dorothea Erxleben and in collaboration with our many great colleagues at U Manchester, Oklahoma Health Sciences, Duke Med, Cornell Vet, and Aarhus

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