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11.07.14 FluoroFest 2014 Adam gave an invited talk at the annual FluoroFest meeting and workshop in Durham, NC. Unfortnate luck with projector brightness, though...




10.25.14 Biomedical Engineering Society We attended the BMES meeting in San Antonio along with an army of other folks from VT-WF SBES, and our lab presented a poster and a talk.



10.09.14 Michael passes his defense! Michael has passed his defense and earned his PhD. His dissertation entitled "Solid-State Nanopores: A New Platform for DNA Biomarker Discovery" has been accepted by his committee, pending a few edits (aren't there always?). Congratulations!




10.03.14 Invited seminar: Virginia Tech Chemical Engineering Adam gives a departmental seminar at Virginia Tech, hosted by Prof. Chang Lu




09.04.14 Invited seminar: North Carolina A&T Chemistry Adam gives a departmental seminar at NC A&T in Greensboro, NC, hosted by Prof. Debasish Kuila




08.27.14 Osama passes his prelim Now he's officially on track to get his PhD someday. The entire committee agreed that he did an impressive job on his presentation. Congrats, Osama!




08.14 Welcome Fanny Wang  Fanny has joined the lab as a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering. She will be focusing on a range of nanopore experiments. Welcome Fanny!




08.14 Depurination work featured on Our recent paper on detecting depurination with solid-state nanopores was highlighted on the website Nanowerk, which presents cutting edge research in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. You can read the feature here!



07.14 New nanopore paper out now Congratulations to Michael on the publication of his depurination work in PLoS ONE!



06.14 New collaborative work published A collaborative paper with the Anselmetti lab and the Mayer lab on optical tweezer-nanopore measurements appears in in Nano Letters this week.



06.14 Welcome to our summer interns Weili Qu (Emory/Georgia Tech) and Eran Brown (Penn State) join the lab for the summer to take part in our solid-state nanopore research. Welcome to the team!



06.14 Osama presents poster at 2014 SBES Student Symposium Osama presented the lab's recent work on detecting single-base biotin modifications in DNA with solid-state nanopores to a group of faculty and students from both campuses of the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences. We had lots of good interactions and a lot of fun seeing what everyone else in the extended department is up to.


06.14 Farewell to Autumn Carlsen Dr. Autumn Carlsen has departed for her next position at the University of Ottawa in the Tabard-Cossa lab. We wish her the best in her new position!




05.14 Lab research featured in the news Our recent work on solid-state nanopores optimized for optical detection has been featured on the website You can read the article here!



05.14 New papers published in ACS Nano, Nanoscale, Sensors, and Nano Letters The group has published several new journal articles! Congratulations to all, but especially first authors Autumn, Osama, and (alum) Furat!




05.14 Congratulations to Osama on winning a Sigma Xi award! Osama was awarded a grant-in-aid award from Sigma Xi, the scientific research society, in support of his nanopore work. Congratulations, Osama!



04.14 The lab is awarded a grant from NC Biotech Center The lab has been awarded a grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center! This award will support the purchase of a brand new combined atomic force microscope-optical microscope instrument, tentatively scheduled to be installed in June 2014. The new equipment will facilitate a large number of projects from SBES, WFIRM, Physics, and many more. Thank you, NCBC!


03.14 The group presents at the 2014 Biophysical Society meeting We attended the Biophysical Society meeting at the Moscone Center in sunny San Francisco, where we presented two posters: one on detecting DNA depurination and one on detecting single-base modifications. We had some great interactions with other society members, including a WAY overbooked (but tasty) nanopore dinner, plus some good old-fashion group bonding.



02.14 The new Hall Lab website launches Welcome! We moved to the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in August 2013 and have now migrated to a shiny new website. Hope you enjoy your stay!





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