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12.20.16 New paper in Nature Nanotechnology Our continuing collaboration with the lab of Michael Mayer has just been published in Nature Nanotechnology. This one was a long, hard road; big congrats to the Mayer lab and all involved!

12.01.16 NIH NCI Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies meeting Adam attended the IMAT grantees meeting in support of the lab's R21 project. He presented a poster and joined as part of a panel discussion on the future of epigenetics. Always a great meeting highlighting all of the amazing work being done through this mechanism!

10.09.16 Presentations at BMES The lab traveled to Minneapolis for the annual meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society. In total, we had four posters and one oral presentation. Always good to talk about our work with a new crowd of scientists and get new ideas.

09.15.16 New book chapter Osama contributed to the new book Helium Ion Microscopy, which is available now from Springer publishing. Our chapter, entitled "Helium Ion Microscope Fabrication of Solid-State Nanopore Devices for Biomolecule Analysis", reviews applications of HIM to single-molecule biophysics and biosensing. Congrats, Osama!

09.09.16 Platform talk at Biobanking conference Adam spoke at the 2016 Leaders in Biobanking Congress in Baltimore, MD, discussing potential translational applications of the sold-state nanopore technologies that we are developing in the lab. Lots of opportunities for new nucleic acid biomarker screening!

07.29.16 Invited talk at Telluride Science Research Center Workshop Adam took part in the week-long TSRC workshop on Nuclear Pore Complexes and Smart Polymers in Telluride, CO. He presented the lab's research, saw a lot of exciting work on NPCs and nanopores, and met a lot of investigators from around the world. Great location, too! 

07.28.16 Shiny helps win Nanotech Startup Challenge Shiny was part of a small team of PhD students from Wake Forest who competed in the Nanotechnology Startup Challenge in Cancer, put on by the Center for Advancing Innovation. The team was charged with designing a business plan around a nanotechnology innovation, and it was announced today that their team won and will move on to the final phase, in which they will form a startup around their proposal. Congrats, Shiny!

07.21.16 Epigenetic work highlighted in press Our latest paper on detecting hydroxymethlcytosine in mammalian genomic DNA with solid-state nanopores is featured in a new article on GenomeWeb. You'll need a login, but it's worth it!

07.07.16 New paper in Scientific Reports We have a new publication available today in the Nature journal Scientific Reports. The paper describes the application of our solid-state nanopore assay to the detection and quantification of the epigenetic modification hydroxymethylcytosine. To our knowledge, this is the first use of the device to assess genomic mammalian DNA. Congrats, Osama!

05.24.16 Goodbye to Dhrubo Dhrubo Basu Roy leaves for his new postdoc position in the Berlin lab at City of Hope, Los Angeles! He has been a great asset to the lab and did some really nice work that is being written up for a forthcoming manuscript. Best of luck, Dhrubo!

03.29.16 Fanny named T32 trainee Fanny has been named as a trainee on the NIH-funded Structural and Computational Biophysics T32 training grant at Wake Forest! This opportunity offers support academic, professional, and research development and integrates her even more firmly within the training program, which our lab has been working closely with for some time. Congratulations, Fanny!




02.25.16 Radio, radio Adam was interviewed by the local CBS radio affiliate about our sequence detection work. You can hear the audio here. (PS: he had a cold that day; he doesn't usually sound quite so Vin Diesel-esque).





02.12.16 More press for sequence detection More press for Osama's paper is popping up all over the place, including NanowerkAZoNano, and more. Check them out at our publications page!




02.06.16 Sequence detection highlighted in the popular press Osama's paper has been featured on GenomeWeb. You can find the article here, (but you'll need to sign up to read it).




01.29.16 New paper published in Nano Letters Our latest work has been accepted for publication in Nano Letters and is currently available online. The paper describes SS-nanopore detection of specific nucleic acid sequences, including target microRNAs, which have great particular potential as biomarkers of disease, including cancer. Congratulations to first author Osama and the rest of the team!




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