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4.20.18 New article on hyaluronan work in The Pathologist Our work on hyaluronan sensing with nanopores and its application to osteoarthritis is again being reported on, this time in The Pathologist, a popular magazine covering disease diagnostics. The article can be found here!

4.06.18 Hyaluronan work in the news Our work using nanopores to detect and analyze hyaluronan, a molecular biomarker of osteoarthritis, has been showing up in the press lately. Here is a roundup of what's out there (22 news outlets so far!).

3.12.18 New Nature Communications paper out today Our latest paper is out today, describing solid-state nanopore analysis of physiological hyaluronan, which is a important but hard to study biomarker of osteoarthritis, among other diseases. Our platform improves significantly on available technologies and we are excited to introduce our approach for future translational studies. This work was a collaborative effort with Dr. Rahbar and others here at Wake, as well as colleagues at Cornell and Oklahoma. Congrats to all authors!  

2.15.18 New paper published in Scientific Reports Our newest paper is out now, describing 3D cell culture constructs formed using patient-derived tumor tissue samples! In it, we show that the efficacy of common chemotherapeutics in the fabricated systems correlates with patient response, and then demonstrate the effectiveness of an experimental drug identified through personalized medicine. Congrats to all authors!

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