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12.4.19 New collaborative paper out in Nature Communications A new collaborative publication is available today in Nature Communications. In the work spearheaded by Jennifer Curtis at Georgia Tech, we explored giant hyaluronan polymer brushes and employed our nanopore analysis approach to assess growth kinetics. Congrats to all authors.

11.26.19 Shiny Rajan successfully defends her dissertation! Shiny successfully defended her dissertation, entitled "Integrating Advanced 3D Cell Culture Techniques with Rapid-Prototyping Microfluidics for Translational Applications". Congratulations, Dr. Rajan!

11.5.19 Keynote address at NanoCanada event Adam delivered a keynote presentation entitled "Translational Diagnostics with Solid-State Nanopores" at the NanoCanada event in Edmonton, Canada. 

8.5.19 Welcome to the lab Nathaniel Hauser Nathan joins us as a Master's Student. He just graduated from the University Of Tennessee with a major in BME, where he worked with Dr. Eric Espinoza-Wade and friend of the lab Dr. Jaan Mannik. Welcome!




7.31.19 Seminar at the Technische Universiteit Delft in The Netherlands Adam was able to give a talk at TU Delft in the lab of Cees Dekker in the beautiful new (to Adam, anyway) building that houses bionanosciences. Wonderful time talking science and catching up with some old friends!

7.19.19 Hyaluronan work ranked among top papers in Nature Communications for 2018 Our paper on SS-nanopore analysis of hyaluronan was ranked #23 among the top 50 chemistry and materials science articles from 2018! Congratulations to all of the authors!

6.28.19 More collaborative work published Another publication has come out of our collaboration with the lab of Michael Mayer (Adolphe Merkle Institute at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland). This one, published in Nanotechnology, describes low-noise quartz nanopores. Congratulations to the authors!




6.13.19 International Society of Hyaluronic Acid Sciences meeting in Cardiff, Wales Adam and Felipe attended the annual ISHAS meeting, this year taking place in Cardiff, Wales. Really nice conference and finally got to meet many of the great people in the community face to face. Plus, Felipe's presentation won a prize for best talk! 


6.10.19 Welcome to Komal Sethi! The entire lab welcomes our newest postdoc, Dr. Komal Sethi, who will be focusing on nanopore measurements for translational diagnostics. Dr. Sethi comes to us from the University of Buffalo, where she recently completed work in a nanoparticle lab. Welcome!




6.2.19 Newest paper now available Work performed by postdoc Sam Bearden and graduate student Fanny Wang has been published in Analytical Chemistry. The paper describes a method for uncoupling biotinylated nucleic acids from streptavidin, which is a long-standing challenge in the field. Congrats to the authors!

5.28.19 Collaborative paper published in ACS Nano More work done in collaboration with the lab of Michael Mayer has now been published in ACS Nano. The paper describes the analysis of proteins as they freely transit a nanopore, including their size, shape, etc. This is a step forward from the previous work that used lipid bilayer flow to transit proteins through the pore slowly.




5.15.19 2019 SBES joint symposium in Blacksburg The entire lab attended the WF-VT joint department symposium in Blacksburg, VA. This is a great event that brings the entire department together and allows the students to share their research. All of our grad students presented data at the meeting, with Shiny giving an oral presentation.

5.3.19 Felipe wins a travel award Felipe was granted a travel award to attend the International Society of Hyaluronic Acid Sciences (ISHAS) meeting in Cardiff, Wales next month, based on his abstract describing nanopore analysis of HA! Congrats!

04.24.19 Group work among the top papers of 2018 in Scientific Reports Our paper published in collaboration with Aleks Skardal and Kostas Votanopoulos is ranked #19 out of the top 100 papers from 2018 in the Cell and Molecular Biology category of Scientific Reports. Congrats to all the authors!

04.18.19 Seminar at NC State Adam delivered an invited seminar in the department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, hosted by department head Melanie Simpson. He presented on the group's nanopore-hyaluronan work and had a great visit speaking with students and faculty in the department.

4.16.19 New paper out today Our collaboration with Michael Mayer at the Adolphe Merkle Institute in Fribourg, Switzerland continues to be fruitful! A new paper is available today in Nanotechnology that describes research into the interaction of lipid bilayers with solid-state nanopores. Congrats to the authors!

3.4.19 Biophysical Society meeting 2019 Adam and Fanny attended the 2019 BPS meeting in Baltimore where they each presented posters on lab research and got to spend time among the wider nanopore community. Great connections and always great people. 

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