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11.23.20 New paper out today in Scientific Reports A new publication featuring the work of Fanny Wang and past member Osama Zahid is now available online. This project was done in collaboration with the group of Rahul Kohli at Penn and reports modular labeling of all four base elements in the cytosine demethyaltion pathway. Congrats to all authors!

10.27.20 Fanny Wang successfully defends her PhD! Congratulations to Fanny who today defended her dissertation titled "Development and application of a modular enzymatic labeling process for the analysis of diverse DNA base modifications"! Excellent work capped by a very well-delivered presentation.

9.23.20 New collaborative paper out in Aging Cell Our work in collaboration with the labs of Michele Pritchard (Kansas) and Francesca Duncan (Northwestern) has been published in Aging Cell. This paper reports a comprehensive study on aging ovarian structure and we were pleased to be able to contribute hyaluronan analyses to the study. Congratulations to all authors!

9.04.20 New R01 award for the lab The lab is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a new R01 through the National Institutes of General Medicine to study hyaluronan with our solid-state nanopore approach! This collaborative project will both improve our technology and demonstrate translational applications through collaborations with clinical colleagues. 


8.20.20 Our team is growing A huge welcome to our new team members: MS candidate Robyn Greissinger, who joins us from VT; PhD candidate Dorothea Erxleben, who graduated from NC State; PhD candidate Bhoomija Hariprasad, most recently from University of Houston; and last but not least, Ian Wadsworth, who comes from University of Utah. Find out more about them and the entire team on the updated group members page!

8.01.20 R33 funding through the NCI IMAT program We are extremely excited to have been awarded an R33 grant for advanced development of our solid-state nanopore technology for nucleic acid biomarker detection! This award will focus on the assessment of both DNA epigenetic modifications and microRNAs. We look forward to continuing our productive relationship with the Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) program

2.26.20 New publication on microfluidic 3D cell migration Our newest paper is now available in Advanced Biosystems. The work, by lead author (and recent graduate from the lab) Dr. Shiny Rajan and in collaboration with the Skardal lab at Ohio State, reports on a new assay for quantitative assessment of migration/invasion in 3D cell constructs within a microfluidic device. Congratulations to the authors!

2.21.20 New collaborative paper out in Acta Biomaterialia A new collaborative publication between our lab, the Skardal lab at Ohio State, and the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) is out today with lead author Dr. Shiny Rajan. It describes drug studies conducted with multi-organ 3D cell constructs formed in a microfluidic architecture and kept under common circulation long-term and demonstrates drug metabolism and reciprocal toxicity on a chip. Congrats, Shiny!

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