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12.09.17 Group dinner party We had a potluck dinner to celebrate Osama passing his PhD defense and making it to the end of the year. Despite the ice, we had a great time and some amazing food.

12.06.17 Shiny wins awards at TERMIS-AM Shiny attended the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) meeting in Charlotte, NC. She gave several presentations, with a talk and poster selected as "top ten", and then won second place overall in the poster competition! Great work and congrats!

12.01.17 Osama passes his PhD defense! Osama successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Detection of nucleic acid biomarkers using solid-state nanopores"! Congratulations, Dr. Zahid!

11.20.17 Welcome Sam Bearden We welcome Dr. Sam Bearden to the group as a postdoctoral associate. Sam comes to us from Clemson University, where he was working with Guigen Zhang (now at Kentucky). He will be focusing on nanopore detection of sequence biomarkers. Welcome!

10.02.17 New paper in Nano Letters The group's latest paper is now available on the Nano Letters website. Authored by Fanny Wang and in collaboration with several colleagues here at Wake and at Penn, it describes a nanopore method for assessing diverse single-base modifications in DNA. Congrats to all!

09.21.17 Group in the news An article featuring the lab and its research goals in nanomedicine is now appearing in newspapers, including the local Greensboro News & Record. We appreciate the interest in our work and always welcome inquiries and comments!

09.10.17 New students join the lab Lots of new undergraduate researchers have joined the lab this semester to take part in the exciting work we are doing. Welcome to Monique, Zoë, Nico, Laura, and Nathan!

08.18.17 New collaborative paper published Work with Wake Forest colleagues in WFIRM is available online now in the Nature journal Scientific Reports. The paper reports on multiple, interacting 3D tissue organoids under continuous flow. Congrats to all authors!

06.14.17 Welcome Lauren Huff Lauren is a rising senior at Myers Park High School in Charlotte who wanted to get some research experience. We love that kind of initiative, so she will be working with Osama, et al. on nanopore-related measurements this summer. Welcome!

05.30.17 Welcome back Clare Burke Clare joined us from UT Austin for a summer internship in 2015, and after a research experience at Oxford last year, is back with us again this summer working on microfluidics and 3D cell culture. Glad to have you back!

05.17.17 Adam receives WFHS research award Adam is the 2017 recipient of the Wake Forest Medical School Early Career Investigator in Basic Sciences Award. Thanks to all of the hard working students, postdocs, and collaborators that have contributed to our group over the years! Nothing would have been possible without you all.

04.27.17 New publication in Analyst The group has a new publication available now in Analyst entitled "Solid-state nanopore analysis of alcohol-soluble molecules". This is the work of Dhrubo Basu Roy, who worked with us as a postdoc and recently moved on to a posdoc in the Berlin Lab at City of Hope. Congrats, Dhrubo!

03.07.17 Invited seminar at Rutgers Adam delivered an invited talk at the 31st Annual LSM/IAMDN Symposium at the Laboratory for Surface Modification a Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. He spoke on our group's use of Helium ion microscopy in nanopore fabrication. Unfortunately a short trip, but a nice event.

03.01.17 Talk at Cornell  Adam gave a presentation for the Cornell Biophysics Colloquium series, hosted by our old friend Iwijn De Vlaminck. Beautiful campus and made connections for a new collaboration that we're excited about. Great visit all around!

02.12.17 Poster at BPS 2017  We had a poster at the 2017 Biophysical Society meeting in New Orleans on our forthcoming work on nanopore analysis of alcohol-soluble proteins. A lot of good feedback and a great opportunity to catch up with the nanopore community.

01.24.17 WFIRM retreat platform presentation  Shiny gave a great talk at the 2017 Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine retreat over at Pinehurst country club. Always a good time!

01.10.17 New paper in Nanotechnology A new paper has now been published in Nanotechnology describing localized nanopore fabrication. The approach is a collaboration with the Tabard-Cossa Lab in Ottawa and combines our HIM thinning technique with their electrical breakdown method of nanopore formation. And it allowed us to work with ex-lab member Autumn Carlsen! Congrats!

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